Connecting with investors

Investors today favour companies that embrace fair and equal treatment of all existing and potential shareholders. We help our clients achieve high governance standards as an integral part of their ESG programmes. We remove barriers as part of their investor relations programme, offering all investors the same access to quality research and company management that has traditionally been reserved for fund managers.

"When I took over as CEO in 2016 I inherited the Equity Development relationship but they quickly proved themselves indispensable in helping us communicate and achieve our new strategic goals. As a business sub £10m market cap at that time, there was a limited number of investors who were interested in our story, but ED has helped build sustained support from a community our brokers couldn’t reach. Today, despite being 8x the size, the transparency ED facilitates in our investor relation communications is crucial to maintaining a broad and engaged shareholders’ register."

Tony SteelsCEO, Mpac Group

Our investor information services…



Insightful research written by expert analysts means that investors are better able to understand a company’s business and prospects. We explain a client’s investment case, provide financial forecasts, and comment on new developments. We do all this in a timely fashion to guide market response to news.

Investor presentations

Direct investor communication has never been easier to achieve, or more welcomed. We deliver that via both webinars and other online events, or by permitted face-to-face meetings. Engaging with investors boosts trust and confidence in management, while also gaining valuable feedback.

Company interviews

These are a very effective and time-efficient way to keep investors informed. They may provide detail on recent news items, or simply maintain profile during a lull in the financial calendar. Succinct video or audio interviews help keep management and their companies foremost in investors’ thoughts. 


We believe passionately that our content should be freely available and accessible to as many investors as possible. As well as direct distribution to our own extensive database of worldwide investors, we provide open access to content on our website and from our clients’ websites. Our notes are also available on all major equity research platforms, and our videos and podcasts sent to the sites most watched and listened to.


Our team has decades of experience working with companies to arrange direct access to Private Client Investment Managers, Private Client Brokers and Regional Pension Funds. Companies can utilise that either as part of an integrated package with research, or on a standalone basis. This significant investor audience includes hundreds of organisations in the UK. Our experience covers companies in all sectors and of all sizes from AIM to FTSE100.

Social media

We actively promote all our research and company events via a range of social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, social media allows us to make rapid public comments about news flow related to clients, or developments in their sector. It is crucial to respond directly and swiftly to both negative or positive comments. This prevents misunderstanding becoming entrenched.

"The combination of good news and Equity Development muscle seems to have been an effective tonic! Many thanks to you all for the hard work."

Ian SimmCEO, Impax AM

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