Reaching all investors

Investors today favour companies that embrace fair and equal treatment of all existing and potential shareholders. We remove barriers. Businesses that give all investors the opportunity to read research and hear from management are better understood and supported.

Fair and open communication

Good governance is at the heart of a well-run business and is an integral part of best-practice ESG standards. Our clients want to be known for treating all their stakeholders fairly, not just their employees, but also all types of investors, alongside a commitment to their local communities and the environment. We firmly believe that the integrity, strength and potential of our clients’ businesses are significantly enhanced by communicating equally and fairly with every stakeholder. 


Attracting investors

There are substantial, tangible benefits to companies that properly address the huge pools of capital held by individuals and wealth managers. Gaining and retaining new shareholders broadens registers and improves liquidity.

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What we do

We make sure that our clients’ key investment messages reach all investors. Achieved in a time-effective way by providing regular research, videos, meetings and digital events.

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What our clients think

Watch interviews and read about our clients’ experiences of working with us. Learn how you too can benefit from Equity Development’s services.

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Latest content from Equity Development

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Unique heritage and global opportunity

The Artisanal Spirits Company, through its ownership of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society is well...

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Arqit Limited 15 Sep 2021

Merger completed & deal with Juniper Networks

Arqit Limited completed its merger with Centricus Acquisition Corp. on 9 September and has been...

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Acquisition and distribution deal set to boost growth

Tatton has made no secret it is hunting for suitable strategic acquisitions and partnerships to...

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Marshall of Cambridge 14 Sep 2021

Recovery across the board in the first half

Marshall of Cambridge’s results for H1 were very impressive, with all businesses delivering an...

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Polar Capital 13 Sep 2021

A best-in-class active fund manager

Polar Capital Holdings plc is an AIM-listed fund management group, specialising in active...

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News and upcoming events

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Strix Group: Interim Results Investor Presentation - 24th September 2021
11 Aug 2021

Strix Group: Interim Results Investor Presentation - 24th September 2021

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Mpac: Interim Results Investor Presentation - 2nd September 2021
10 Aug 2021

Mpac: Interim Results Investor Presentation - 2nd September 2021

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Benchmark Holdings: Q3 Results Investor Presentation - 1st September 2021
09 Aug 2021

Benchmark Holdings: Q3 Results Investor Presentation - 1st September 2021

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Why people choose Equity Development

"From early days as a private company through to being established on AIM, I have always been able to rely on ED for wise counsel, perceptive research and introductions to new, supportive shareholders."

Dr Arnab Basu MBE CEO, Kromek Group

"The board’s appointment of Equity Development has led to a significant improvement in the knowledge and understanding of our business amongst investors. We are delighted with the positive impact that it has had both on investor engagement and, through this, improved trading activity in our shares."

Andrew Gossage Managing Director, UP Global Sourcing Holdings

"At a time of considerable change in our register we have been delighted not only with the way you have raised general awareness of Rosslyn Data, but also your direct introduction of affluent private investors who have been key buyers in considerable size and helped in clearing an overhang from large blocks of our shares. As a small technology firm with a truly global list of large clients, it is reassuring to know that your research and interviews are watched not just in Europe and Asia, but importantly for our sector also by US institutions."

Ash Mehta CFO, Rosslyn Data Technologies

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