We provide investors of all types with freely available equity research and direct access to quoted companies’ management.

Since 2012 we have seen a number of changes in the regulatory environment which have encouraged increased engagement from private investors with the stock market.  The removal of stamp duty on AiM shares, Pension reforms, RDR, and the ever increasing attractiveness and scale of ISAs, have all combined so that many more individuals are taking control of their own wealth.  We provide the means for companies to connect with that growing investor class.

Successful marketing begins with high quality equity research.  Whereas Broker analysis is largely reserved for institutional investors, we offer free access to research of comparable quality to all classes of investors. Detailed forecasts and the accompanying narrative help private investors reach informed decisions about a business.  With stiff competition for investors’ attention and capital, it is critical that a research note’s impact is consolidated with investor marketing.

Just like the most successful fund managers, private investors and wealth managers greatly appreciate access to management.  It allows them to challenge them with questions, express concerns, and ultimately develop trust and confidence in the Executive team.  Experience shows such interaction is the best way to convert interested investors into shareholders.  Our regular Investor Forums and webinars allow investors to access management both in person or via replay at their convenience.

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