UP Global Sourcing Holdings
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Established in 1997, UPGS has evolved from a local business into a global success. They develop new, innovative concepts and bring professional, sought-after products to the mass market. Their offices span two continents, with headquarters in the UK, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Belgium.

Investor Webinar - FY results presentation

Simon Showman (CEO), Andrew Gossage (Managing Director) and Graham Screawn (Finance Director) discuss the highlights from their strong Full Year results. The presentation covers the ongoing supply chain challenges which they are successfully mitigating with the help of their strong FOB business, and the defence of their margins with innovation playing a crucial role. They also update investors on the integration of the Salter acquisition, and take a closer look at their international business including the opportunities for Petra particularly in Germany.   

You can watch the full video (approximate length 54 minutes) below, which has been dividend into chapters for ease of viewing.

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