Arqit Quantum Inc
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Arqit is an innovative developer and provider of quantum-based encryption services based on its expertise in the combined fields of quantum cryptography and satellite technology.

Its stated ambition is to use transformational quantum encryption technology to keep safe the data of governments, enterprises and citizens. Online sales target every vertical, with direct sales in initial specific sectors: telcos, defence, automation, and financial services.

The company has assembled a Management Team that is rich in technology skills and contacts with top-level decision takers in leading companies and government bodies. Its shares have been traded on Nasdaq since September 2021, ticker ARQQ

Unbreakable quantum encryption: the ‘holy grail’

Arqit’s quantum encryption product aims to protect any form of device from hacking, with a fully scalable, lightweight, cloud-delivered software product backed by its advanced satellite technology in the tech stack. With over US$130m in contracts and its first product launch - QuantumCloudTM Release 1 - in H2 2021, Arqit’s QuantumCloudTM is a commercial reality with a range of major corporate and government customers already signed up.  

ARQ19 has solved problems in quantum encryption and its distribution that had previously made the concepts unusable. Arqit’s quantum-based encryption system encodes information into the quantum properties of individual particles of light to transmit information from space to Earth. The laws of physics prove this information cannot be stolen and so datacentres all over the world can use the quantum information to create secure (symmetric) encryption keys which are unbreakable, even by the power of future quantum computers.

Crucially, Arqit has developed a novel cryptographic protocol which translates the benefit of the quantum keys that the satellites distribute to global data centres into keys on software end points. So,two or more end-point devices to create locally identical copies of symmetric keys, with infinite frequency and group sizes. Arqit’s simple and elegant QuantumCloudTM product offering is software-light, suitable for even miniature IoT devices, and does not require customers to deploy expensive infrastructure.

Arqit has signed over US$130m of contracts with telecoms, government, and defence customers - the potential market (2024) at c. US$198bn looks sizeable. It is understandable why NASDAQ listed Centricus Acquisition Corp. is seeking to combine with Arqit, on a pro forma enterprise value of US$1bn.


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