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Polar Capital Holdings plc is a specialist active asset management group.

Polar Capital - FY Results - Investor Presentation video - 28 June 2023

Polar Capital Holdings plc (AIM: POLR), the specialist active asset management group, conducted an investor presentation covering its FY results for the period to 31st March 2023.

Gavin Rochussen (Chief Executive Officer) and Samir Ayub (Finance Director) discussed how Polar has demonstrated resilience and improving investment performance in a difficult period for markets, their plans to improve inflows with new strategies, and how their digital marketing plans are augmenting their growth strategy. Management provided a financial review and gave their market perspective, also running viewers through the AuM and Fund Flow picture at Polar, as well as their fund performance and capacity details.

There was also a wide ranging Q&A session which you can see in full in the video, divided into chapters as below:

0:00:15 Overview & Highlights
0:02:19 Market Perspective
0:04:00 Fund Performance & Capacity
0:08:23 AuM & Fund Flows
0:13:14 Financial Review
0:23:15 Strategy & Outlook
0:34:07 Questions & Answers


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