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ECO Animal Health Group plc is a leader in the development, registration and marketing of pharmaceutical products for global animal health markets. The company specialises in high quality medicines for the treatment of important diseases in the livestock sector. ECO Animal Health are dedicated to the research, development and marketing of strong brands, differentiated generics and innovative new solutions.

ECO Animal Health - CMD - Investor Presentation video - 9 November 2023

ECO Animal Health held a Capital Markets event focused on progress and developments in the the company's Research & Development portfolio pipeline.

A series of specialist speakers took investors through six key products and the transformative impact the successful execution of their portfolio will have on their valuation.

The full video has been dividend into chapters, for ease of viewing, as below:
0:00:03 Introduction and Strategy overview (Dr David Hallas, CEO)
0:04:21 R&D Overview, Strategic Approach and Portfolio (Dr. Hafid Benchaoui, Head R&D)
0:21:06 Importance of Mycoplasmas in poultry (Professor Naola Ferguson)
0:36:35 Best in Class Poultry Mycoplasma vaccines (Dr. Natalie Desloges)
0:43:10 Game changing Swine Biologicals (Dr. Brian Martinson)
0:55:37 Innovation in the treatment of swine respiratory disease (Dr. Alphonso Lopez)
1:03:33 Novel approaches to control enteric disease in poultry (Dr. Alphonso Lopez)
1:10:21 Biologicals Production (Dr. Mike Huether)
1:18:11 Portfolio Valuation & Financial analysis (Chris Wilks, CFO)
1:38:13 Summary (Dr David Hallas, CEO)
1:39:58 Questions & Answers


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