Dr Paul Jourdan talks Amati and markets

In the course of a 40 mins interview, Paul explains the group’s philosophy, how they have reacted to the Covid crisis and his outlook on equities over both the immediate and longer term.

2.05 : reactions in lockdown and thereafter

4.40 : Amati approach to VCT management

11.30 : sectors where creative ideas are most found

12.21 : advances in Healthcare technology

15.20 : supporting growth companies with capital

16.50 : outlook for more IPOs and importance of AIM

18.35 : summary of Polarean Imaging

24.05 : impact of surge in money supply

28.45 : eventual need to deal with QE consequences

33.10 : why small companies can flourish in the current environment

NB any opinions expressed on companies are personal views and not recommendations

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