ESG: From best intentions to real change

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On March 10th the much anticipated EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) obligations will apply. While the UK is not signed up to this directive following Brexit, the idea that we are turning away from our responsibilities is an anathema. Instead, the UK is ‘doubling down’ with talk of a green recovery coming from the Prime Minister, and green bonds for savers from the Chancellor.

Quoted companies are realising the imperative to look after all stakeholders, with ESG statements and Sustainability Directors on every Board agenda. We have brought together four different expert perspectives to discuss how businesses can best adapt to, and benefit from, this new reality. They are:

• Tim Ward, CEO of The Quoted Companies Alliance
• Ben Stocks, CEO Porvair plc
• Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG at Impax Asset Management
• Brijesh Malkan, CEO of Rebalance Research

The round-table discussion will start at 11am on Thursday, 25th March and last approximately 1 hour. Questions will be taken from the audience and addressed after the Panel discussion.

Please join us for what we're sure will be a stimulating debate by registering here:

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