‘PAS’ Performance Analysis Score

PAS has the amazing record of having indicated all 20 LSE fully-listed bankruptcies since 2010 Equity Development’s parent company, NGR Capital (NGRC), is delighted to announce that it has secured the license to use and to develop Performance Analysis Score (PAS) from Professor Richard Taffler. The PAS system has the amazing record …

Published: 24th September 2018


Dealing with Pain

Pain is the most feared complication of illness It has no age barrier and certain patient segments remain underserved Interest in pain management has been increasing substantially in the last few years Acceleration in market growth is expected from 2011

Published: 8th February 2010


Obama support

Reversal of 8 years of Presidential restrictions on research in USA But other legislation remains a hurdle... Positive corporate developments: Epistem collaboration with Novartis and encouraging results; ReNeuron secure equity finance; Cryo-Save reach 100,000 storage mark.

Published: 19th March 2009


More uses for the ‘repair kit’

Major regulatory progress: FDA approves clinical trial by Geron Corp for use of human embryonic stem cells on damaged spinal cords UK approval for ReNeuron to trial modified neural human foetal stem cells on disabled stroke patients

Published: 24th February 2009


Germ Warfare

Microbial resistance: easier to control than defeat Multi billion US $ marketplace for companies that can control efficiently

Published: 15th December 2008


A built-in repair kit

Growing acceptance of stem cell therapies Increase in stem cell banking in Europe and Asia GSK and Harvard collaboration indicates big pharma willingness to invest in sector Budget, IP and regulatory constraints are some of the biggest threats to those active in sector

Published: 10th September 2008