AIM’s spectacular 3 year run

In recent years we have written a series of notes on AIM, and its performance relative to the FTSE All-Share Index. We published the first of these notes on 5th of August 2013, the very date that AIM listed shares were (finally) permitted to be included in ISA accounts. At …

Published: 16th January 2018


A few swallows

A hot week in every sense as we saw encouraging results, updates and disposals in the sector: To a large extent the return to profit at Charles Stanley is a result of shedding staff while marginally increasing AUM – the departing staff took only a modest number of clients with them …

Published: 23rd June 2017


AIM: Many happy returns!

The AIM market started life in June 1995 and has certainly celebrated its 21st year in spectacular form. In the 12 months to 30 April 2017 the FTSE AIM All Share Index rose 32.4%, massively outperforming the FTSE 100 Index (up 15.4%) and the FTSE 250 Index (up 16.7%). Indeed …

Published: 9th May 2017


Britannia’s Gold

If you are a regular reader of the Daily Telegraph or the Daily Mail, or heard about this project recently on BBC Radio 5, you will know of this remarkable story. The links below, along with excerpts from the Daily Mail report, explain how a team of marine experts are seeking …

Published: 4th April 2017


Magic or Mushrooms

No prizes for headline writing, but we pose the question: are private shareholders a magic ingredient in an AIM company’s share register or are they to be despised and kept in the dark? Our view is clear, they are now THE MOST important AIM shareholders and they need to be communicated …

Published: 19th March 2017


Effective engagement with all UK Shareholders in a post MiFID II world

In 1998 UK pension funds owned 21.7% of the average UK quoted company, and UK Insurance Companies owned a further 21.6%. By the end of 2014 these two percentages had shrunk to just 3.0% and 5.9% respectively. Overseas investors now dominate UK share registers, owning nearly 54% of all UK quoted …

Published: 13th February 2017